One of the pleasant surprises from my heritage being awoken is that once in awhile something comes out of my spirit that can only be expressed in a poem. Up to this time in my life poetry is something I've always admired but felt distant from. But now they come and keep coming! Below is the order in which they were written, as well as a couple written by friends on their journeys.


"I Never Knew"

"I Want To Dance"

"Is This Who I Am?"


"A Prayer to Serve"

"Resurrecting Roots" (by CMS)

"To Be Together"



"The Pipe In My Heart"

"Sackcloth and Feathers"

"A New Road"

"I can't imagine how it felt"

"A Toddler's Yearning"

"A Feather In The Road"

"Goodbye, Childhood Pipe"

"The Eighth Fire"

"I Saw the Smoke Rise"

"First Ribbon Shirts"

"Grass Dance For The Beloved"

"Did It Happen to You, Too?"

"I'm Coming Home"

"Coming Out Of Hiding"

"The Song of My Ancestors"

"My Heart is Bursting"

"Two Years On the Journey"

"A Prayer For Harmony"

"A Lost Child"

"Lost, But Now Found"

"Walking Back"

"Your Children Will Return" (a word)

"Creator Heals the Tribes"

"I Know How It Feels" (a word)

"How Can They Say These Things?"

"Restored to Be Me"

"Walk, and Learn"

"Can I Go?"

"I’m Made For This!"

"I Can’t Go Back!"

"Stand Against Manifest Destiny!" (a word)

"They Say to Move On"

"Songs of Turtle Island"

"Healing at Wounded Knee"

"A Trail of Tears to Redeem"

"I Will Return"


"The Beauty Ahead"

"A Cry For Respect"

"For Those Beginning the Journey"

"In Indian Country"

"Till Justice is Done"

"For Ronnie"

"In His Image"

"In Your Name"

"Awakened Spirit Inside"

"Mother Waits"



“I Heard Ancestors Speak”

"I Want Them to Know"

"A Greater Hope" (a word)

"In Spirit I’ll Dance"

"Reflections of You"

"Estranged From Creation"


"He Who Lights the Eighth Fire" (a word)

"Kill the Indian & the Son of Man"

"I Thought I Had to Stop Being Indian"


"By the Cross Restored"

"There’s Good and There is Bad"

"Great Mystery With Us"


"Come Drum With Me"


"My Spirit & the Land"

"Embraced Awake"

"Touched as Native"

"To Help Others the Same"

"A Sweet Aroma to You"

"Great Spirit's Tent"

"Awakening to Love the Land"

"Ceremony Calling"

"Help the Aching Ones" (a word)

"Creator Loves His Enemies"

"The Red Road"

"Creator Remembers"

“Freedom in Forgiveness”


"The Path of My People"

"As You Intended"

"The Way of Unetlanvhi Uwetsi"

"Gvgeyuhi, Tsisa!"

"Creator's Pride"

"All Creation Will Be Made New"

"Awakened For Such a Time As This"

"Her Plea"

"A Thanks for Affirmation"

"To the One Who Gave All"

"My Tsisa"

"For My Life"

"The Two of Us"

"The Fire"

"Time and the Times"

"I Can't Hate Them"

"I Will Remember You"

"All Life Matters"

"Touched by the Dawn"


"The Final Stage of Genocide"

"Justice is Coming!"


"Unexpected Messengers" (a word)

"Wounded Ears"

"Until Then"

"Looking Back..."

"Rediscovering Color"

"Fear of Talking About Race"

"I Will Not Forget"

"Ancient Ways"

"End of a Day"


"Flying Free"

"Creator Saw Her Tears"

"Come, Stop and Look Up"

"If Christ Was a Mascot..."

"Little Worth In Canada?"

"Do you remember them, America?"

"Creator Hears"

"The Cross of Native America"

"Just As You Overcame"

"Indian Resurrection"

"There Was No Honor In It"

"Not Funny"

"It's Not a Dream"

"And Christ With Them"

"Needing Adoption"

"To Hear Creation"

"I Can See The Stars"

"But It's Our Tradition!"

"Creator Witnesses"

"Respectfully Quiet"

"Where Colonialism Wounds Me"

"Wado, Etsi!"

"How Can They Understand?"

"I Am Native"

"The Hair..."

"Little Brother (I Haven't Forgotten You)"


"I Came Home"

"I Burned the Sage"

"Called From Afar"

"Witness In My Heart"

"The River"

"Waiting For the News"

"The Ones You Sent Me"

"Was I Crazy?"

"Far Away Drums"


"Tsola In My Hand"

"The Circle Will Mend"

"A Shadow in Heaven"


"Missing Home"

"A Vision of My Mother"

"Brought Back"

"Being Drawn Home"

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