Here are some dear friends whom I love. I have mentioned them several times as I've written here, though not always by name. They have touched my heart and have had a profound impact on me and my heritage journey, both in their words and in their actions. I am writing a little about each person, how I met them and what they have meant to me, in the order that I became acquainted with them.

Terry Wildman
Ojibwe/Yaqui ancestry
RainSong Music

Mark Charles
Navajo (also Dutch heritage)
5 Small Loaves

Adrian Jacobs
Cayuga (Haudenosaunee)
Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre

Randy Woodley
Cherokee (Keetoowah descent)
Eagle's Wings Ministry

Warren Petoskey
Odawa/Lakota Tribal Elder
Dawnland Native Ministries

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