Second book of Poetry & Art! (January 22, 2015)
"Awakened For Reconciliation"
Poems, Prayers and Art by Ramone Romero

About the book:

Four months before my heritage was awoken, I resolved and challenged myself to pursue reconciliation and healing with Native people—as a member of the European-American majority.

There are so many wounds—the boarding schools, the adoption era, termination and assimilation policies, historical trauma, and much more, as well as many things happening in Indian Country today.

Walking on the path to reconciliation and healing is not easy. It means we must look frankly at the painful wounds, acknowledging the griefs, mourn with those who mourn, and walk through that ‘night’ with them if we are ever to see the healing that comes in the morning.

This second volume of poetry and art speaks of my own journey of learning about what has happened to Native America, as I also went deeper into my own heritage and identifying with Native people in my heart.

I pray that the poems, words, pictures, and a vision Creator gave me help bring awareness, repentance, healing, and reconciliation to all peoples.

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First book of Poetry & Art! (January 6, 2015)
"Awakening to My Heritage"
Poems and Art by Ramone Romero

About the book:

Since my heritage was awoken, I've written poems (and of course painted pictures) from time to time reflecting feelings and thoughts along the journey. With the encouragement of my friend >Mary Bennett and the gracious offer from Hannah House to publish them, I've put together some two-dozen or so poems and paintings in this book.

It's my hope and prayer that this little book will help others on similar journeys, just like the encouragement of Uncle Terry Wildman helped me, along with Uncle Randy Woodley's book "Mixed Blood, Not Mixed Up".

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Collaboration with Terry Wildman (November 15, 2013)
"Birth of the Chosen One"
Retold by Terry M. Wildman
Illustrated by Ramone Romero

I was honored when Terry asked me to illustrate his first FNV project, "Birth of the Chosen One", a retelling of the Christmas story for First Nations. To order the book, as well as to see samples of the art and text, please visit the FNV website page below:

• The First Nations Version Project: Birth of the Chosen One
• Birth of the Chosen One (Facebook page)

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