Sunday, June 11, 2017

Tierra del Sur

Just seeing a name
one of many in the south
I never heard growing up
never knew beyond
the colonization
struck a place in my heart
and I want, I wish...

I wish I could know you
Explore you
Go visit you
Listen to you
Hear your elders' stories
Talk to your children
Hug my relations

But I can't right now
for apart from the means
there is death and bloodshed
spilling across the land
as it did in your history
and I can only pray
and ache in my heart

For a time yet to come, I hope
when I can walk among
your deserts
your mountains
your jungles
your shores and beaches
your trees, hills and bushes

Listening to the rhythms
of your vistas
the speech of my people
seeing the land of my ancestors
the wrinkles and smiles
of beautiful elders
the fabrics of their weaving

I long for you, Mexico
I pray Creator watches over you
holds your old and young close
comforts you in your pain
brings healing and peace to you
restores what has been stolen
and makes you shine in your beauty

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