Monday, June 27, 2016

Smitten by the Mountains

Last Thursday between classes I took a walk outside the high school where I teach English. It's a suburb of Osaka (Higashiosaka), not too far from the Ikoma mountain range. A few times recently during class when in certain rooms, I've looked out at the mountains...

And loved them. They remind me of the Smokies. Especially when it's raining and clouds roll over them. Tall. Green. Large. And... distant.

Because of the flatness of the city and the endless buildings, I can't always see them. But walking last Thursday in a direction I hadn't taken before, I came to an open place where I could see them, and even from such a distance and with the city up in my face between us, I was just smitten...

I took a picture to remember it, and looking on the ground I saw a beautiful feather. Creator does that a lot for me, putting feathers in my path to let me know I'm where He knew I would be, and on His path. (Wado, Yowah.)

A couple days later when praying I felt moved to make a quick painting of that day when I stopped, when I was smitten by the mountains.

The mountains smote my heart.

Hah, I don't use that word often, but that's the exact word that came and hit me. Smote.

And I knew exactly why.

Tonight I wrote a poem about it to go with the painting:


"Being Drawn Home"

The mountains smote me
I don't know much really
About mountains or being in them
I have little experience in any

But there they were
And there I was
Captivated as I looked
As if reminded of home

A home I've never lived in
But that I long for
Deep inside
From generations before me

Much stands between
Like the city between us
Between me and the mountains
They are far away from me

But they're quietly calling me
My spirit is quietly longing
For the green mountains
The home of my ancestors

And I rejoice just to see them
One day, one day
I'll be there again
One day I'll come home

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