Friday, October 23, 2015

"The Circle Will Mend"

Did they know, Yowah
As they prayed and held tsola
That You would answer
That their children would return?

They knew the Circle
They believed beauty would return
Can I believe it, too?
I've been afraid to believe

Long ago in a moment of beauty
I saw a shooting star on a cold night
Now my night is cold again
And Your shooting stars remind me

Beauty will come again
Love will come again
I'll be home again
The cold night will end

The Circle does not end
Wholeness will come
The tree will blossom again
Beauty will return with love


I can't explain most of this poem because it is very personal— except for the first few lines, which are about how my ancestors prayed for their children to the seventh generation, and like "lost birds" who came home, Creator heard and answered their prayers. :)

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