Friday, August 14, 2015

"Witness In My Heart"

Yowah, Creator
I have been doubting
What I've been through
What is in my heart

It's like that little dog-tag
I searched through my house
But I couldn't find it anywhere
I think it's lost for good

I'm searching now again
For the proof of my heritage
And I can't find it, Edoda
I'm afraid it's not going to be found

But when I pray and ask You
You tell me that it is real
That my heart is not mistaken
And that I have heard You right

I'm willing to be wrong, Creator
I'm willing to be mistaken
I choose to be willing to hear
What I don't want to hear

I'm willing to let go
But You tell me to hold on
So it's kind of hard for me
But You understand

Thank You for being with me
During this time of uncertainty
Thank You for telling me to search
Thank You for all parts of this journey

I will trust You
I will rest in You
And I will wait
For my "dog-tag" to be found


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