Sunday, August 16, 2015

"The River"

Many nights I've come to you
I've sat on your banks
I've listened to your crickets
I've watched birds, bats, and cats

Many nights you've listened
As I poured out my heart to Creator
As I've wept and listened to Him
You flowed by glistening in peace

Your beauty has often stunned me
Many times I rejoiced just to see you
Then I came to you in the daytime
And I saw your beauty under the sun

Thank You for this river, Creator
Thank You for these times with You
I thank You with my spirit
And with words I can't express

I'm constantly surrounded by city
But I feel connected with the earth
When I was starved for nature here
You gave me this river

She is like a flowing of life
Like a vein bringing peace to my heart
Nourishing my anxious soul
Flowing like Your Spirit

Here I've watched the grass grow
I've seen stars through the city night
I've learned many things from You
As the river stilled my soul

I didn't know that I love rivers
And I don't know why I do
But I will come here
As often as I'm near

And like the river
Your life will flow into me
I will find peace in stillness
And I will flow like the river

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