Monday, August 3, 2015

"Called From Afar"

You keep calling me
Place of the Blue Smoke
My eyes keep watering
You won't let me go

I only came to the edge of you
I stayed by a lake of crystal
But I looked westward at you
Through the gap you called me

When I put my hand down
On the grass in the cool morning
I could hear my ancestors
I wanted to stay longer

Now I am far away
On the other side of the world
And you are still in my heart
Tears keep falling from my eyes

When will I see you again?
Will I have time to be with you then?
Or will I have to leave again soon?
Will it ever be "enough" for me?

Yowah, Unetlanvhi
I will trust You
You awakened this in my spirit
I will trust You to fulfill it



I wrote to a friend recently:

Beauty moves me in my spirit. But there's something else about certain things... it goes beyond beauty. I can think of no better example than the Smoky Mountains that I just visited in North Carolina.

They call me.

Where I stayed was just the edge of them. Looking westward through a gap between mountains I could see more of the Smokies in the distance. My heart went out to them and I felt like it was going to explode. I longed to go there, to be there.

The lake where I stayed (Lake Junaluska) was clear and beautiful. It was like a lake I have seen in my dreams. It was so beautiful it makes me cry to remember it, and to have had to leave it. I wanted to stay.

You know, Christians talk about "going to heaven" but the Bible says that God is making us a new earth. Our final home is going to be the new earth. He created the earth for us and it is good, and although it is groaning under the weight of sin & death, it looks forward to being set free and made new. Just like we are "a new creation" in Christ, all of nature is also going to be set free until it becomes "a new earth." What we see now is like a foretaste or shadow or sample of what's coming.

He created us from the earth, and so we are part of it, and are meant to be together with it. Somehow He also calls and plants people in places, and the place that is "home" to me is in the Smokies. That's where I'm going to live when the earth is made new. Somehow I just know this. (But I'd better stop talking about it or the people at the coffee shop here are going to wonder why this "gaijin" is crying while typing on his phone...)

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