Sunday, July 5, 2015

"I Came Home"

I came home, my ancestors
I touched the earth and wept
I felt the mountains calling me
I walked barefoot on the grass

I arose in the early morning
I saw the shadow of the mountains
I trembled at the ominous mystery
I knew why you saw spirit

I heard the thunder speak
The sudden raging storms came
The rain poured down
And left as soon as it came

The still lake reflected the cool sky
But it was warm to my toes
My hand put Tsola in the water
With prayers I gave to Unetlanvhi

Our time was short, Tsakonage
Place of the Blue Smoke
It rushed by but was blessed
Even with cares weighing my heart

I met brothers and sisters
I met those who gave me guidance
Those Creator crossed my path with
And I met some of my people

Long ago we were sundered
But Unetlanvhi called us back
Myself and others like me
I was embraced and welcomed home

My ancestors prayed for this
For the sundered to return
And seven generations later
Unetlanvhi brought me home

My heart is with you, Tsakonage
And with you, my people
I don't know when I will return
But I know I will see you again

I will bring my son to you
We will dance together
We will thank Unetlanvhi
The One who brought us home

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