Sunday, June 14, 2015

No More Cultural Orphaning!

Yesterday in the wake of the news about Rachel Dolezal, I was moved to write a poem about the confusion and "lostness" growing up feeling "white" in America. Afterwards as I was going to bed, I heard my son's voice in my spirit calling me, "Daddy" faintly.

It kind of moved me a little deeply. I prayed and asked what that was. He said it was something in me... my own voice calling to my father.

It sounded like he had a question. I had a question? No, I *have* a question I want to ask my father! About our family.

"Where did we come from?"

I never asked him that. That was my inner child who wanted to ask, but never did.

Why didn't I?

Because I'd been told the vague "mutt" thing, which told me I didn't have a "from"... so I never asked him the question straight.

And honestly, he didn't know. (Wow, I can feel that! Moves me in the Spirit!) Even in the comments to the poem I posted, he said something about his mother having Apache somewhere. (He said to ask my uncles—his estranged brothers—but I have already asked them and they'd never heard of it.)

My father was never given the proper knowledge of our Mexican heritage. All he had to go on was the vague rumor of Apache somewhere. He felt just like I did growing up! He knew the family was from Mexico, but he never felt connected to that heritage and was never part of the Mexican community. He never had enough to be proud of to say clearly, "We are Mexican, my son!"

Generations. Generations of confusion and disorientation! Generations feeling culturally lost! Generations cut off from their roots!

No more of this! It stops here! I am reconnecting with my heritages! I am not going to be a cultural orphan anymore!

Thank You, Creator, for awakening me to my heritages! Thank You for restoring what was lost!

Please, bring this blessing back to the rest of my family, Yowah. Please bring all families this blessing, and end the orphaning of generations, in Tsisa's name!

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