Friday, May 29, 2015

Moved, And Thankful For Solidarity

A conservative white Christian friend posted the above meme by Last Real Indians and said,

"It's ok if the government carves their idols on it..."

One person immediately criticized him for having a "bad attitude" and another said he should choose to live in "Iran, Cuba, Russia, Syria, or Commie China" instead.

My friend replied, "Uh oh, I attacked someone's idols."

I replied below those comments simply saying "Thank you" to my friend.

And I'm finding that I'm choked up and tears are falling... it means something to me. My heart is identifying with my Turtle Island Native people more... to the point where I can honestly see a white man stand up on our side (I even say "our" side!) and I appreciate it.

Yowah, I can't describe how this moves me. I'm surprised, or not surprised. I'm moved and thankful. I'm moved at being thankful, really feeling and meaning it. I'm moved and unable to describe how much it means to me to be moved by this.

I guess that in all the depths of my heart Creator has plumbed and brought me to, in the learning more of Native feelings and values, in sharing somehow... somehow I'm feeling with them a tiny bit of the pain that comes from seeing something like Pahá Sápa stolen, defaced and defiled... scarred brutally like the hearts of those who love that place.

To hear someone from the other side (and I have never called them "them" or "the other side," but have counted myself always as among "them")... to hear someone from the other side acknowledge how wrong Rushmore was and is... suddenly I am melted to find that appreciation and thankfulness that they understand... they understand how Natives feel... how I feel... how *we* feel.

Ugodidi Wado, Unetlanvhi. And Ugodidi Wado, my friend. Wado.

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