Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"I Am Native"

I am Native
It's taken me awhile to say it
I don't want to appropriate
I don't want to offend

I don't want to minimize
what it means to grow up
in a Native community
knowing the traditions

I didn't have that experience
I didn't learn until I was 35
It turned my life upside down
But nonetheless I was cautious

I wanted to be respectful
I still want to be respectful
I never want to presume
I never want to offend

I am Native
The blood cries out within me
My heart pounds within me
My ancestors bear witness

I am Native
My Tsalagi ancestors
My Nahua ancestors
They made me who I am

I will put aside fear
I will embrace who I am
I will learn the ways of my people
I will honor my ancestors

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