Sunday, April 5, 2015

"Just As You Overcame"

I thought I was dead
I thought I couldn't escape
I thought I was trapped forever
I thought no one could help me

But You reached down to me
With hands forever scarred by love
With love that overcame death
With power that could not be conquered

I was trodden down
I was beaten
I was abused
I was dehumanized

You were, too
But You overcame
You triumphed
You were victorious

And You carried me with You
You died my death
You were wounded with my wounds
And now You bring me healing

You bring me new life
You bring me hope
The hope of resurrection
I will rise with You

And my people who were oppressed
You will raise them up, too
You will restore what was lost
You will make all things new

I am bruised but not defeated
I am broken but not destroyed
As You carried me in You
I carry Your Spirit now in me

And I will rise
Just as You rose
Your life will redeem every pain
Your wounds will heal mine

I will overcome
Because You overcame
I may see darkness around me
But I have seen the dawn in You

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