Sunday, April 19, 2015

"I Can See the Stars"

There's so much I don't understand. This is a picture of the pull in my heart to my people, to their culture, to nature, and to ᏥᏌ through these. This is as best as I can see it all, or put it all together at the moment... and it doesn't fit so well together! I asked my son if he liked the painting and he said no, lol! He said he didn't like anything if he couldn't understand what it was, lol! (I know how ya feel, kid! But see, my heart feels it and my mind can't see it...)

I wrote this poem exactly a week ago, but it's taken some time to start and finish this painting above.


"I Can See the Stars"

What do I do
with this?

I feel a call
A pull
I can see the stars
as if they are inside me

My insides melt
My eyes water
I don't understand
It's inside me

Who am I?
What is my place?
Am I called to be among my people?
Do I have a place among them?

Am I a part of them?
Is there something I am
to use to serve them?
"Yes," You say, Unetlanvhi

I can't see it yet
But I can see the stars inside me
I can feel its presence there
I will understand in time

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