Sunday, March 15, 2015

"Wounded Ears"

Tsisa, it’s hard
You know it’s hard
Because of what was done
in Your name

Many can’t hear
Many don’t want to hear
Many white swords
cut off many red ears

So many need healing
But because of what was done
many cannot look to You
and don’t know Your healing power

Many seek healing
through the traditions
that had been suppressed
and forbidden

You gave them good medicine
on those traditions
But You also prophesied in them
about Yourself and Your healing

Please heal the wounded ears
so that hearts can hear
and hearts can be healed
in the love You gave us

The Cross was used as a weapon
instead of for healing
Forgive Your people for this sin
and heal the ones they wounded

Let Your Cross bring healing
as You desire
And let Your people become
ministers of reconciliation

Let Your gospel become good news
to the people of Turtle Island
And let the repentance of Your people
bear fruit that brings life

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