Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Until Then"

I gave him a hi-five this morning
told him my son was upstairs
they have a little time to play
before school starts

I walked across the street
on the verge of crying
just thinking about him
missing his father

who died in a car accident
far, far away from home
only two months ago
I want to hug his son and cry

now sitting with coffee
listening to my music
I heard the song that was sung
by a friend of a friend last year

at the side of a tiny hospital bed
where his premature son lay dying
his mother had also passed on
the father was losing them both

on the other side of the earth
families of Lakota are mourning
their children killed themselves
five in the last three months

it's never over for them
"we've got to stop burying our kids"
"you don't stay young long
on the reservation..."

God I hate this thing called death
with its sorrow, suffering, and loss
I hate the pain than brings the tears
I hate the separation most

I hate the breaking of hearts
I'm crying, but I have hope
I know this is all going to end
and I can't wait

until all our tears are wiped away


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