Saturday, March 14, 2015

"Unexpected Messengers"

This is a picture of Creator sending His messengers to people He loves deeply. Natives of Turtle Island recognize the eagle as the bearer of the words of their prayers to Him, but here it represents the bearers of *His* words back to us.

The feathers of golden eagles (and bald eagles) are restricted by US law to federally-recognized Indians ("status Indians"). Here a golden eagle represents a parallel to that restriction: Some traditional Natives may receive words from the Great Spirit only if they come according to their traditions and protocols.

But the Creator may send messengers both from inside *and* from outside of traditions and protocols—"non-status" messengers, so to speak—bearing a non-traditional "scroll" of words that they will not recognize as being from the Great Spirit ("scrolls" are not part of Native spiritual traditions).

Because of the traumatic history of American colonization and the huge part Christians played in that, many Natives have naturally become hardened to the message of Creator's Son. But in times past their ancestors were often more willing to hear the message of Creator's Son, even when the messengers came from outside of their traditions and protocols.

Creator is calling many traditional Natives to become like their ancestors. Colonization hardened and made them guarded. But Creator is sending messengers to them from both inside and outside of their traditions. Some messengers will observe protocol, but some will not know it. Yet Creator will send both, and both are "golden eagles" in His sight.


"Unexpected Messengers" (a word)—

"Will you receive My words
if My messengers are not who
you expect them to be?

Will you receive My words
if they are printed in a book
or preserved on a scroll?

Will you receive My words
if they don't come to you
through your traditions?

Will you receive My words
if the messengers don't have 'status'
or don't know the proper protocol?

I will send My words to you
through traditional and
non-traditional messengers.

I will send My words to you
through your traditions
but also from outside of them.

I will send My words to you,
but will you receive them
as children listen to elders?

Will the legacy of colonialism
harden your ears to My voice
and cause you to dismiss My words?

Will you reject whatever
does not conform to your traditions
or come from your own people?

Because of colonialism and genocide,
many of you have become hardened
because you had to guard your traditions.

But I want you to have unhardened hearts
that can hear My voice even when
the messenger is non-traditional.

I want you to return to
the openhearted innocence
of your ancestors."


The painting has three messages (meanings and applications).
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