Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Looking Back..."

I saw a picture of a sunset
captured in a rearview-mirror
and my heart was moved

Why, Creator?

The natural beauty I love
Although I would prefer
to see it through a larger view

Perhaps it reflects how we see
a lot of beauty only as we look back
Back, as we move onwards

It hits a pang of regret now
in my heart, Yowah
And suddenly I feel and wish...

That I could stop and turn back
To see that sunset better
To see it more fully

To enjoy it before it is gone

But it is going fast
And soon it will be gone
Maybe this is as it should be

Maybe this is Your grace
To look back and see beauty
behind us as we move forward

I wish it could last forever
I wish I could go back
And see it all over again—

So many moments in my past
So many things I've missed
So many sunsets in my life

But I trust You, Yowah
I know You are leading me
Even as the night comes

You will be with me
As I journey through the night
And we will see the dawn


I saw this picture posted by on Facebook the other day and was about to move onto what I was doing, when I sensed a little something inside, a little pang in my heart. Tonight I prayed about it and asked why.

That little pang of pain speaks of many regrets, many missed beautiful moments...

My childhood
My family
My grandparents (oooh, I feel that...)
My own children
My heritage
Missed opportunities to ask more
Times I could've stopped
to ask a question
to listen to someone
to appreciate their presence
Friends who have walked on
Friends who are far away

So many longings. So many.

But I know a Day of restoration is coming. I've said it before, but I find myself saying it again and again as I'm awakened to these places in my heart: I can't wait for that Day...

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