Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Justice is Coming!"

I tasted Your joy, Creator!
Forty-two feathers were returned
Stolen by the government
from the Lipan Apache people
I cried when I read the news
Long and hard they fought
through the colonial courts
And the fight still continues
For colonists don't want to change
But this round was won
It's unprecedented!
I tasted Your joy
For this is just a foretaste
A shadow of the coming restoration
when You will wipe away every tear
when You will heal every wound
when the oppressed will rejoice
when You will make all things right
Justice is coming!
Battles will come and go
But You won the war on the Cross
Justice is coming!

Wado, Unetlanvhi!


I was just filled with a joy when my Lipan Apache friend Robert Soto announced that he was going to receive back 42 feathers that the US government had taken from him in 2006 (when they sent undercover agents to raid their powwow). I made this little picture and wrote the poem to go with it. Please pray for the battle, because it isn't finished yet.

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