Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Down By the Riverside

In the last couple years I've grown find of taking walks at night, especially down by the river. It's peaceful, and I spend time walking with Tsisa. Often He's given me things to write, or just told me stuff.

In the wintertime, of course, it's something I rarely if ever do—for obvious reasons. (Though summertime is not without it's downsides, but at least I can put on mosquito repellant then!)

Tonight I felt moved to come down here again, for the first time since winter took hold. It's been an unusually warm day today, though it's hassled half the city with a huge dose of pollen. And some lovely pollution increasingly wafting over from China.

When I came down here tonight and saw the river, I was just instantly thankful. I miss nature. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I saw it it here. Granted, there are some factories on the river, a road above the north bank, and apartment buildings on both sides. But there's also grass, and the banks are a little high so the path down here is a bit shielded from all that.

The river is calm tonight, almost glassy. There's almost no wind. There's a mist in the air, maybe from the sea, or maybe from the aforementioned pollution—whatever the case it's beautiful. The stars are mostly obscured by it and the usual city lights, but the few I can see are spots of heaven and are grace to my heart tonight.

I like this escape. Wado, Unetlanvhi.

Sometimes it's difficult hearing about the indigenous connection to the land back in Turtle Island. I can't taste that here. I don't often think about it, but as I write about it now I feel the grief coming out that I can't be there now to experience it and to reconnect with the land. (It certainly makes it difficult to paint pictures having to do with nature back there, as I'm trying to do now for a friend.)

I'm grateful for the little nature I can get while I'm here. Coming from the Eastern Woodlands and growing up near a large park surrounding a long creek, I always felt pity for what many Japanese people often call a "garden" at their homes—a few potted plants on the veranda of their apartments.

Since my wife started keeping plants that way, though, I could see what a little bright spot it was for her... a little bit of some kind of healing I can't understand or put into words. But now by the river maybe I can understand.

Wado, Unetlanvhi. Thank You for the river.

— 3.16.2015

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  1. Elder's Meditation of the Day May 25

    "If you listen close at night, you will hear the creatures of the dark, all of them sacred -- the owls, the crickets, the frogs, the night birds -- and you will hear beautiful songs, songs you have never heard before. Listen with your heart. Never stop listening."

    --Henery Quick Bear, LAKOTA

    ... The night time is full of life, full of song and full of beauty. Have you ever gone outside at night and listened? One has access to serenity and peace. At night all our senses change their roles. Because we can't see, our hearing is much stronger, our smell is even more enhanced, our sight is different. We are able to join nature through sounds and smells, through the songs of the night birds and through the night winds. We can close our eyes and experience interconnectedness in a different way. Try it tonight and experience oneness with the Creator.
    Great Spirit, allow me to listen to the teachers of the night.



    Msit Nókmaq/All My Relations,

    Just before dark sets in the tree frogs begin to call out in the distance, an owl hoots, or you may hear a mole digging in the surface of the ground. You can hear leaves rustle in the woods with the presence of different animals, four legged like the deer, raccoons, opossum, skunks, and if you listen closer you may be able to hear earthworms shuffling the leaves. Many sounds come forth at night because during the day everyone is hustling and bustling about to work and all other places, Then as night comes people go home to rest and the noise pollution calms down. This is our connection to our home called earth.

    Arthur Medicine Eagle-Sonier, MEGAMAW

    Gitsch Manito-Creator,Wásóq-Spiritworld,

    Thank you for the night time and the confirmation that all things do not stand still. Rocks even roll in the dark. This helps me to understand that life goes on no matter what. It helps me to understand I have a part in its existence too and should do my part to preserve it. Thank you Creator for my humble life.


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