Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Ancient Ways"

Deep inside my spirit shakes
Rumblings I barely understand
I have seen a truth shown
The spirituality of my people

Ancient ways in our souls
In which we touch Creator
And in which He touches us
Set deep inside my heart

Amazing how they stir me
Drawing out the blood memory
And the cry for healing
For the healing of the people

Traumas upon traumas
Generation after generation
Wounds that are left unhealed
We need the ancient ways

Creator gave us these ways
Understanding was not flawless
Yet the root was holy
The root still is holy

They tried to take them away
The colonizers and conquistadors
They said the ways were devilry
That we did not know the Creator

But we knew You, Creator
And You knew us (and still know us)
Your Son is restoring us
And returning us to the ancient ways

We heard You in the trees
We heard You in the mountains
We heard You in the rivers
In the sky and in all that lives

Though our hearts were darkened
We saw a glorious part of You
And we gave You thanks
We gave You glory

We will give You glory again
We will worship You again
In the ancient ways
And in new ways, too

We will give You thanks
For restoring us
For healing us
For sacrificing Yourself for us

With cedar and sage
With sweetgrass and tobacco
With sacred pipe and sweat lodge
We will thank You, Unetlanvhi Uwetsi

We will pray for our people—
The descendants of the ancients
We will pray for the colonizers—
The descendants of the oppressors

We will forgive and seek their healing
They need Your healing, too
They need Your restoration
They need Your freedom

Teach us the ancient ways, Yowah
Teach us how to love and heal
Our broken people and land
Until the Day of all restoration comes



Today I watched the 2008 film, "Older Than America" and the spirituality (especially at the end) in the film stirred me deeply, like when I read the book by Kent Nerburn, "The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo".

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