Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"All Life Matters"

All life is sacred
The Great Spirit says
Every thing is alive
Nothing is to be wasted

The Creator has taught
To kill no thing needlessly
For we are all woven together
We are all part of each other

But the Sacred Circle
is often broken today
Lives are taken away
Even as they’ve just begun

Creator creates
But humankind aborts
Creator brings life
But humans cut it off

How can we pray
For the healing of
the Sacred Circle
when we break it?

Forgive us, Creator
Teach us again to value life
To honor the Sacred Teachings
Instead of killing for our “rights”

De-colonize our hearts
Save us from the ways of death
Save us from colonial values
Return us to the Sacred values

Heal the broken Circle
That we break in our hearts
And in our wombs
Lead us in Your ways

1 comment:

  1. Miigwech for sharing this thoughtful and much needed perspective on life.