Thursday, March 12, 2015


Fifty-seven children
Rewarded for studying hard
Cheering for a hockey team
Having a good time

Suddenly mocking begins
Beer is poured from above
Taunts and racial insults
"Go back to the reservation!"

What had the children done?
Why were they unwelcome?
Why were they hated?
They didn't deserve this

What a terrible irony
That the children of the land
Should be told to go away
By those espousing liberty

Was it not enough
For the wasichu to take land
To kill their ancestors
And destroy their way of life?

Should they have remained
imprisoned on the reservation?
Were the wasichu upset because
These little ones broke parole?

Should they have rather
Been sent to a boarding school?
Should they have been adopted
Away from the tribe instead?

Were the wasichu angry
Because they had missed
Taking these little ones away
And they still remained Lakota?

Maybe it was just blind racism
Flowing from genocidal deeds
Of which they are probably unaware
But built on them nonetheless

But now the police, too,
Have failed to defend the children
And justice is neglected
So the people are crying out

Stand with the fifty-seven!
Call for justice!
No children should be
Treated this way!

Stand until the message is heard
And the offenders are disciplined!
Stand until injustice is righted
And the children are healed!

Take no more part in the legacy
Of genocide and racism!
Do your best to help right wrongs!
Support the Lakota Fifty-Seven!

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