Saturday, February 28, 2015

"The Two of Us"


We’re on His path together
You and I
We’re in His hand

He awoke my heritage
But it’s yours, too
You can already feel it
My little boy

This is a mystery to me
I know it’s His timing
I know He has reasons
And it’s for His purposes

It’s a wonder to me
that He’s called you
to walk next to me in this
for I know so little

This is a new path for me
I wish I could guide you
But He will guide us together
We will walk the White Path

We will learn the ways
of our people
We will learn what it means
to be ᎠᏂᏴᏫᏯ

Our Creator has chosen this
It is beyond my foresight
I don’t know what will happen
But I know it will be good

Our way will be blessed
and we will be surprised
We will dance together
And our ancestors will rejoice


A couple days ago my wife and I had a good talk about my heritage and various Cherokee things. During the conversation she said she could feel that our son was called to it, that somehow he would be deeply into it.

I was surprised. I prayed and felt the same witness in the Spirit. I knew he was already very interested—he is like a sponge with learning all things, really. But hearing this was a surprise and a blessing. I don't understand what it all means, but I am moved and will continue to share with him what I learn.


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