Friday, February 13, 2015

"The Path of My People"

When I first heard
the teachings of my people
I cried, Yowah

I felt like I was melted
Like I couldn’t go on
It was so beautiful, so pure

Why was my heart
stirred so deeply inside,
Unetlanvhi Tsisa?

You say it’s because
these teachings
they are my heritage

Handed down from elder to child
passed down for centuries
each generation learning, following

The words You gave at Kuwahi
Received with the sacred fire
When our ceremonial ways began

They are the teachings
Spoken at ceremonial grounds
Beaded on wampum

They resonate inside me
Because they are my heritage
They are what You gave us

They are the good ways
You gave to guide our feet
Before the days of trial came

When those days came
The feet of my people would be
pushed to leave the White Path

But even as they suffered
Yowah, You comforted them
with the gospel of Tsisa

A cross they had to bear
as they were forced to walk far away
But You carried them, Yowah

For You were the giver of the path
and the messenger of the Covenant
which You made with all nations

Your strength and grace
sustained my people through tears
The words and life of Your Son

I will walk in Your ways, Yowah
I will walk the White Path
I will walk in Your Covenant

As my ancestors did before me
As Your servants did of old
As Your people do across the Earth

I will walk in Your grace
I will walk in Your love
I will walk in Your Spirit


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