Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Help the Aching Ones" (a word)

"I have awoken you, My children
I have brought to the surface
the heritage of your people
I have aroused your love for them
And you have answered

I will call others
I will bring them to their roots
I will return them to their people
You will encourage them
You will help them

I am He who heals
the families of the nations—
every tribe, language, and race
I created each person for community
I set each one in a tribe

Many have become disoriented,
uprooted, confused, and lost
Many feel like orphans
—without home and people—
believing they have none

Love them
Accept them
Embrace them
Adopt them into your lives
Be family to them

Some will find their people
Some will discover their roots
But some will not
until all things are restored
and all separation is healed

I will use you to be
like adoptive family to them
You will help those
with a hole in their heart
You will be their new people

I will send My children to you
who are aching for their people
You will not have all the answers
but you will give them love
And they will be comforted."

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