Monday, February 16, 2015

"Gvgeyuhi, Tsisa!"

Tsisa, I love You
I love Your grace
I love Your heart
I love Your love

Some say that You
are from the Whites
That You are just
a tool of colonialism

Some say that You
are incompatible
with indigenousness
and indigenous spirituality

Some say that You
do not “complete”
because we were
“complete” without You

How could I ever say that?
Just as my wife completed me
and I complete my wife
so You complete me

I have found wholeness in You
You are my wholeness
You are my life
My Savior from my darkness

You are the one who taught me
forgiveness for those who wronged me
and gave me love, Your love,
for those who had hurt me

Your agape love healed me
Your love healed my heart
Your love restored me
Your love is my life

You are my Lord
You are my friend
You are my lover
You are my all, Tsisa

You captured me with Your grace
You set my heart at rest
You have been the ever-present
breath of fresh air in my life

You have given me Your heart
You have given me Your Spirit
Never have I been so aware
that You were inside me...

And yet so wholly *other*
You are in me, but are not me
You are a Person
Real and living

Real, and loving
I love who You are
I love Your ways
I love what You did for me

On the Cross!
What You did for us all
And I will praise and thank You
for all eternity!


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