Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Freedom in Forgiveness"

I love Your forgiveness, Tsisa!
I love the freedom and power
of choosing to forgive others
just as You forgave me

I want all people to know
the release that comes
from choosing to let go
of our right to be angry

Many set conditions on it
limitations on what “the other”
has to do for us to forgive them
We keep ourselves imprisoned

Teach us the power of forgiveness
Help us unilaterally choose
to let go and pray for the blessing
of “the other” who has hurt us

Teach us that it doesn't mean
to forget or pretend that
the wounding never happened
Nor that we must accept injustice

Grant us the vision of
the beloved community—
the lion and the lamb
together in peace at Your side

Set our hearts free, Tsisa
with Your forgiveness
Make us ministers
of reconciliation


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