Friday, February 6, 2015

"Embraced Awake"

I’m a child in Your arms!
Here I am in Your embrace
Squeezed tight by Your love
At utter rest in Your grace

As I grew in Your arms
Your love taught me who I am
It brought out my heart
The heart of an Indian

As a child I once longed
for Native identity
for the heritage
of my long ago family

But I let it all go
Thinking it less than nothing
Until You hugged me
and I could not stop weeping

Your embrace brought it back—
My childhood Indian heart
was not mistaken
but saw clearly from the start

And then as You hugged me
—an Indian and Your own—
My spirit awakened
Awareness I hadn’t known

I never knew these parts
existed inside of me
Places to meet You
that I never knew could be

You speak to me at night
You speak through trees and the land
You speak through the stars
And I hear and understand

I hear and feel you there
like my ancestors in part
You hug me there
in my indigenous heart

That deep, deep part of me
that I didn’t know was there
and is now awake
There we will meet, love and share


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