Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"Creator Remembers"

Creator never forgets
He sees each promise made
He witnesses each treaty
He remembers every given word

Men will take back their word
Men will break their promises
when it is convenient for them
But Creator never breaks His word

Men do not know how important
their covenants are in His eyes
Men do not treat them sacred
and often cast them aside

Creator will bring justice
to all who have suffered
Creator will uphold those
who keep their covenants

Creator never lies
He knows that when we lie
we hurt others and ourselves
and inside we begin to die

Creator honors honesty
Creator honors the repentant
Creator is faithful to redeem
those who return to their word

Creator, rescue us from our lies
Save us from the destruction
we invite when we break faith
Restore the wounded sides

Creator, hear all of our cries
as we long for justice
Help us be faithful, too
Help us be like You

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