Wednesday, February 11, 2015

“Creator Loves His Enemies”

I see a crowd in the distance
Elders, chiefs, medicine men
Gathering around a tree
And a group of crying women

The tree has been cut
It is merely a pole now
Another pole is taken
and fastened across it

The tree cut and shaped
Into a pole tall and straight
A beam fastened across
For suspended weight

A man is brought forward
The tree-pole laid on the ground
To the tree-pole they now tie
The man with ropes now bound

His hands, feet pierced through
Spikes hold him to the tree-pole
Soldiers now raise it up and
Onlookers cry out from their soul

Elders, chiefs, medicine men
With approval shout
The women weep, but for fear
some men don’t speak out

The man cries out in pain
He is naked, stripped bare
Save only for the headdress
of thorns put in his hair

The man has no bonnet
Like the watching chiefs do
Who now celebrate
On him counting coup

The man looks up
Then bows his head
His spirit is gone
The man now is dead

Through the sky tears fall
As the man, he dies
For Unetlanvhi Uwetsi
Edoda now cries

“Aqwetsi, Aqwetsi!
My Son, only Son!
My Beloved One!”

Upon him I look
The one pierced for me
My bad heart and wrong doings
put him on that tree

He took my bad heart
The True Human Being
He gave me his own heart
and his right doing

Often to his ways
I was an enemy
Hurting other people
Concerned just for me

But the heart of Creator
of Tsisa, His Son
He loves His enemies
Each and every one

There’s no other love
on earth quite like this
No other love so deep
with such forgiveness

I will wash myself
In Ginidoda’s tears
I will receive His gift
And live no more by fears

Help me live in Your love
and in Your forgiveness
Help me give just the same
to those who transgress

I know that all pain
—impossible it may seem—
the pains of all peoples
somehow he'll redeem

The bad hearts and wrong doings
of every nation
He will heal and make new
A new creation

Here on this tree-pole
New creation begins
Here his love and grace
washed away all my sins

Always let my eyes see
Your blood, tears, and sweat
Let me always see your face
Yowah never let me forget

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