Friday, February 13, 2015

"As You Intended"

They tried to take it away
The songs of my people
The dances of my people
The worship we gave You

They told us we couldn't
worship You as we once had
as our ancestors did
as our hearts longed to

But You have come to us
Creator, Redeemer
You have restored our songs
You have restored our dances

You heard my cries, Great Spirit
You put feathers in my hair
You asked me to dance to You
You asked me to be as You made me

We will praise You
as You made us to
as You intended
as You love us to

You have turned
our sorrow into dancing
You are wiping our tears away
You are restoring us

We will thank You forever
We will praise You among the nations
We will bless them in Your name
We will share Your beauty

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