Saturday, January 10, 2015

"In Your Name"

Creator, I mourn
I lament
I weep
Because of what happened

What happened in Your name

They came
across the sea
They took
They stole

In Your name

They killed
They raped
They plundered
my people

In Your name

They set aside Your love
They ignored Your commands
They forsook Your ways
and treated my people like beasts

In Your name

Manifest destiny
The new Canaan
The new promised land
How the west was won

It was done in Your name

I can't blame my people
when they cringe
when they are revolted
when they even hate

Hearing the sound of Your name

It was not Your fault
It was not Your way
It was not You that they served
For without Your love

It was not truly Your name

You love my people
You made them in Your image
You suffered when they suffered
You felt all of their pain

That is Your name

Your will is for healing
Your will is for blessing
Your will is for restoration
Your will is for life

Your will is Your name

Your name has been dragged low
abused and misused
misrepresented and blasphemed
from sea to shining sea

Oh restore now Your name!

Let Your name bring healing
and the love that You are
Let Your name being restoration
Let it bring life as You intended

Let Your true name be heard!


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