Sunday, January 18, 2015

"I Want Them to Know"

I want them to know
Life goes on
Even though it ends
It will come again

I want them to know
All that is good will return
And in the Great Spirit
No good thing will be missed

I want them to know
We live not in a line
But in the everlasting
Circle of eternity

I want them to know
All things will be made new
All tears will be wiped away
Because of what Creator has done


About the painting, "Eternal Longing"

Back in June 2013, a student shared about a relative passing away. I was moved, just wanting to comfort and help in some way.

As I was going home I was moved again in my spirit and this is what God helped me see. I wanted to let my student know that even though their loved one died, it's not over, that just as Creator had gifted Native Americans with the knowledge that life is not linear but circular, He will bring restoration.

In our hearts, we have a deep longing to know this. Death itself disturbs us and awakens our longing for eternity.

And eternity is real. The Great Mystery, the Great Spirit, is real and eternal. And not only is He merely "out there," but He came down to us to share in our grief and our pain.

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