Wednesday, January 28, 2015

“I Thought I Had to Stop Being Indian”

I thought I had to stop
Being an Indian
And couldn't follow You
Unless I was like them

They said I had to change
Change clothes and cut my hair
Become “civilized” if
I wanted You to hear

So I did as they said
I thought it must be true
I tried to be like them
To forget all I knew

I renounced everything
The singing and the prayer
The dancing and the drum
My clothes, language and hair

Seeing all things family
Mother Earth and nature
I stopped the “pagan” thanks
I once gave Creator

All that once gave me joy
I gave up and I killed
I crushed my heart because
I thought it's what You willed

I did my very best
To be less Indian
To take away Your wrath
Can I go to heaven?

Almost dead I now am
Hating myself, empty
But then I see Your face
And there are tears for me

I prepare for the worst
Expecting Your anger
But instead You answer:
“I loved you as you were”

“Under their tradition
I suffered, I hurt, too
Their rules should never be
Put between Me and you

“But even though it hurt
You tried to come to Me
And I received your love
Now I will set you free

“I put eternity
In your Indian heart
And it was Me who heard
All your prayers from the start

“So be free! Dance to drum!
Take joy in Creation!
You may come as you are,
My beloved Indian!”

1 comment:

  1. Love this! Such a salve to a wounded heart. God is healing hearts right now.