Monday, January 5, 2015

"For Those Beginning the Journey"

("Heritage Awakenings" - painting by CMS)

Creator, Unetlanvhi,
Thank You for awakenings
Thank You for heritage
Thank You for setting us in tribes

So many of us have grown up
feeling that we had no heritage
feeling that we were just “mutts”
feeling that we were alone

But You are the finder of lost children
You are the healer of families
You are the healer of nations
You are the restorer of the broken

Heal now and surround us
Restore the years that were lost
Set us on Your good road—
on the path to restoration

Grant us humility and courage
to connect with brothers and sisters
who have walked this path before us
Remove our fears and our worries

Bring us home to our people
You created us for this, Yowah
You inspired the prayers of our ancestors
that stir our hearts today

Thank You for creating no mistakes
Thank You for awakening us
for such a time as this
to see the healing of the nations

Thank You for being faithful
to finish what You have begun in us
and for being the one who has
redeemed our blood by Your own



  1. This is just beautiful!!! How did you find or hear Yowah? My heart is filled!!!

  2. Um... kind of a long story. ;-)