Thursday, January 8, 2015

"For Ronnie"

You don't know me
And I don't know you
I'm one of the countless
Who prayed for you

We watched the drama
We saw only a little
Of the pain and the agony
Your family suffered

We tried to help
We tried to keep you
With your family
With your people

We weren't strong enough
And you were taken back
Taken away from your father
Taken away from your tribe

You will grow and grow
And it's not our business to know
How you are raised
What you are told

But sooner or later you'll learn
How hard your tribe fought for you
Sooner or later you'll learn
Of the history and why we fought

We don't want you to suffer
We don't want you to hate
We just want reunion
We want to welcome you home

Prayers for that day will never cease
Prayers for you will never cease
Prayers for healing
Prayers for wholeness

By now if you read this
You've no doubt learned a lot
You no doubt have a lot of emotions
You're not alone

Many have been through this
Just as you have
But with less publicity
Yet with no less heartache

Creator watches over you
He is the restorer
He is the healer
He is the Great Spirit

He knows and sees all
All you have been through
All your family has been through
He has mourned with you all

He has a purpose and a plan
To somehow redeem all the pain
To somehow bring roses from ashes
To bring home the lost ones

One day we will all dance together
At the great round dance in the end
Every tear will be wiped away
Every wound will mend

We long and we ache for that day
When all things will be made whole
When no more families will suffer
And joy will fill every soul

Until then we will pray
From time to time our hearts will ache
As we are often torn in two
But joy will come someday

We pray that your joy
Will come sooner rather than later
But we entrust you to the care
Of the one who loves you most—

your Creator.

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