Saturday, December 27, 2014

"They Say to Move On"

Creator, Nugvwiyusv
They say we must move on
The say we are stuck in the past
They say we must forgive and forget

How can we forget, Yowah?
We still see the bleeding wounds today
Our children still feel the effects
And the injustices still continue

I will forgive, Unetlanvhi
I will pray for those who commit them
But can I close my eyes to the cries
of the needy and the oppressed?

You forgave my sins, Tsisa
You washed away my guilt
But in the process I saw my sins
clearer than I had ever seen before

Indeed I can still see them and their effects
They no longer have power over me
But their effects were not undone
I and others live with their consequences

But as I face them in Your grace
You bring roses out of ashes
You turn darkness into light
You turn mourning into dancing!

I can't "forget" like they mean "forget"
I can't deny the darkness exists
I can't deny that there are ashes
I can't skip the process of mourning

You said to mourn with those who mourn
You said to set the captives free
So I will not "forget" their suffering
I cannot pretend it hasn't happened

I will speak of Your freedom—
Your freedom that comes through forgiveness
I will pass on the lessons You taught me
I will live to help heal wounds



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About the painting at the top (click here to see the full version):

I was moved to make this painting in February 2013 (before my heritage was awoken) after learning about the plight of the Miami Nation of Indiana and their many rejected attempts to gain state and federal recognition.

When I saw the long list of tribes that the US government does not officially recognize, the Holy Spirit overwhelmed me and I just cried.

No matter what the government or national pride claims, God sees and recognizes them. If we cannot admit and recognize that a "tribe, tongue or nation" exists and is precious to Him, then part of us cannot recognize Him, because He is standing with them.

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