Thursday, December 4, 2014

Passing It On

I love my son's curiosity and desire to learn. His first grade teacher said he was like a sponge, and it's so true! He loves science, drawing, animals, and even math!

And he loves when I tell him about Native American things. He loves hearing the few stories I know. (I wrote a little about this before on this post.) He also loves doing a two-step traditional dance around the home when I put music on, and once in awhile when happy, he'll break out in some vocables from the songs I play.

My daughter copies the singing when he does, too, but she's younger... too young to understand lots of things, even like the distance between where we live now (Japan) and America. So obviously the subject of Native American things is a bit too difficult to tell her much about at this point.

Given my son's enthusiasm, at times I've wondered and feared that maybe she won't take the same kind of interest that my son has. (Yes, I know it's waaaay to early to be worrying about that, hah!) Still, the thought was there in me.

So recently the three of us put up some paintings and drawings at a yearly church culture festival. Afterwards I kept the little appear labels that had gone under our paintings, one with each of our names on them. I sometimes make little gesture-drawing art on the backs of receipts and thought maybe I could do that with these labels as well (since the back of them is blank white). I asked the Spirit and He said yes, keep them, and He'll give me something to draw on each. (Wado!)

I prayed and was surprised when He gave me pictures to on each one that directly related to each of us three!

My daughter's picture is of Him putting Cherokee 7-point star earrings on her! He was letting me know that in His time, He will awaken her heritage in her heart and she will happily receive and wear it! Wado, Unetlanvhi!

My son's picture is of Creator putting a traditional dancer bustle on him... he will dance! Wado!!

My picture is of Creator putting a pendant or medallion on me that He showed me in a vision (the significance and meaning of which I still don't know, though it stirs me deeply).

Unexpected surprises. Wado, Tsisa!

And then, another poem...! (Actually, a word from the Spirit!)


"Your Children Will Return"

Did I not promise My people
that I would bring their children back?
Did I not promise that you
would wear them as ornaments?

Behold, I am awakening your children!
They will seek out their people;
they will seek out their elders;
they will write their tribes on their hands.

Be comforted you who have been downcast!
I will bring healing to your generations
and I will enlarge your family
that has been devastated.

I will create praises on the lips
of the mourners of your tribes,
and you will say to yourselves,
'Where have all of these come from?'

Your people will be restored;
your bereavement will end;
your children will song your songs,
and will praise Me in your languages.

Open wide your arms, My people!

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  1. My friend Achlaï Wallace (Kenneth's wife) wrote and shared her feelings about teaching and passing on important things to her daughter: "Teaching my daughter in the Haitian-Christian tradition"