Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"I Can't Go Back!"

I can't leave my heritage
I can't be what I once had been
My heart has been awakened
It can never sleep again

I thought I claimed my heritage
But instead it has claimed me
I thought I had the power and choice
But nothing else can I again be

I was once just "American"
I thought I was a "mutt" alone
I wonder at this, Creator
I thought I was my own

Once I had no tribe
My people were unknown
But now they took my heart
And now with them I'm home

It is a funny feeling
That owned now is my heart
No more could I forget them
Than tear my heart apart

You created us as part
Of tribe and family
I'll forever give You thanks
For the one You gave me

1 comment:

  1. Truth: our awakening changes our lives, expands our heart, brings new understanding of an identity deeply embedded into our DNA, offers new lenses by which to see our fellow humans and connects us closer to Creator in a good way. We are forever changed.