Friday, December 19, 2014

"Can I Go?"

I want to go, Unetlanvhi!
I want to see the Tsakonage
I want to see my homeland
I want to take my son there

To see our people
To hear their songs
To see them dance
To join in the round

Can we go, Yowah?
Can You make a way?
Can we go take off our shoes
and feel the earth there?

I know it will go straight
to my heart and soul
It will fill my being
And I will weep tears of joy

Please make a way
Yet I surrender to Your will
I surrender to Your timing
I know You know best

I will wait
keep watch
and hope
in You



About the painting:

My son and I did this at Starbucks yesterday. I drew the Smoky Mountains quickly, and he drew himself on top saying "Yes!" Then I started a Cherokee Tsisa (Jesus), and he drew his sister asking, "Are we there yet?" and Mommy saying "No!" After that I finished Tsisa and had Him calling his name, but written in Cherokee letters. Then I finished up by drawing myself next to him holding his hand (though he thought it looked like I'm punching him!) and put our ribbon shirts on. I titled it "Ulihelisdi" which I think means "welcome."

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