Saturday, November 1, 2014

"First Ribbon Shirts"

I wore my pride
I wore my heritage
I wore my people
for the first time

I put on their clans
I put on their history
I put on their prayers
for the first time

No one asked
No one questioned
No one gave it thought
but my heart moved

My son stood with me
We wore our heritage
We wore it together
We will wear it again

Creator saw us
Our ancestors saw us
Friends across the sea saw us
And we all smiled.


This year the kids' school had an "international festival" instead of a Halloween party this year. For my daughter we bought a Mexican dress (see this later post), but my son didn't warm up to the idea of wearing Mexican clothing. He wanted to wear something Native American!

And really it makes sense because I've told him far more about Natives than I have about Mexicans. Shoot, I think I know very little about all things "Mexican"!

But I didn't know what we could do for him... no way would I consider regalia at this point (with so little time spent around Native people, and we have so little experience and understanding, etc.). But then it occurred to me— a ribbon shirt!

I looked around on the net, and ended up making two new Cherokee friends! The one who made the shirts even put Cherokee 7-point stars on the shirts!

The day flew past, of course, but underneath I could sense something... that it meant something deep to me, but didn't have time to stop to find out what until later, until today when I wrote this poem above. (And of course, I didn't stop to ask what was in my heart for the fear of seeing it and being moved to tears like I am now...!)


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