Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Did It Happen to You, Too?"

Did it happen to you, too?
Did your heart suddenly awaken?
Did the tears pour from your eyes?
Did your soul resonate and resound?

Were you as confused as I was?
And yet flooded with love?
Did your mind fill with questions?
But your spirit was overjoyed?

Did the singing suddenly make you cry?
And the homeland appeared in your eyes?
Did you weep when you saw regalia and dancing?
Were you moved when you heard the language?

Did you long to know your people?
Did you desire to learn their stories?
Did you want to understand their values?
Did you long to pray and worship with them?

Did you want to share in their lives?
Did you want to stand alongside them?
Did you want suffer when they suffered?
Did you want to laugh when they laughed?

Did you feel your heart coming home?
Did you feel your ancestors rejoice?
Did you choke up learning and speaking
the words "Creator" and "thank you"?

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