Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Coming Out of Hiding"

I don't know where this may lead
I have been afraid of rejection
I've feared having my heart denied
I hid my heritage

You took my fear away, Creator
Then I heard a cry inside
My ancestors cried out
"Don't be ashamed of us!"

Years of hiding spilled out
in tears and groans in me
The denials of generations past
found release in me that night

I wept and wailed for them
Together we have been set free.


About this poem, see previous post, "Don't Be Ashamed"

The picture is of being on top the waves of fear and shame, no longer being under them or tossed to and from by them. Now, raised up by Creator Tsisa, we stand on top of the waves like He walked on the water— something only He could make happen!

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