Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"A Prayer For Harmony"

Yowah Creator, I know so little
I don't feel that I am wise
I don't understand many mysteries
And I have few answers to give

I know You, Tsisa, Unetlanvhi
I know You are the Creator
I know You are the Redeemer—
The one who recreates and makes new

I know that my ancestors knew You
I know that My people know You
I know that we don't know all of You
Not do we know all of Your ways

A wise man once said that
We know and prophesy in part
But You are perfect and when You come
All will be perfectly known

I know there are ways of darkness
I know there are bad spirits
I know there are spirits that deceive
I know that they do not bring life

I know that You guide us
I know that You are faithful
I know that You rescue us
From bad and hurtful ways

Please intercede, Nugvwiyusv
Between the peoples who fight
Between those whose ways
Seem to be different and incompatible

Please speak Your way of peace to us
Please reveal Your good road to us
Please bring us humility and love
Please bring us to harmony

Help us see through new eyes
And through the eyes of each other
Teach us to listen before judging
Teach us patience and understanding

Make our lives into a fragrant offering
Help us become like smoke
Rising and and mixing together
Let our prayers come to You as one

Unetlanvhi, our days are short
Our lives are only a small part
Of a much larger and more beautiful
Creation and restoration You weave

Great Weaver, weave us together in love
Great Healer, heal us in Your peace
Great Peacemaker, make peace between us
Creator Tsisa, I ask and believe

I believe You will do all these things
Because I know You are peace
Because I know You are loving
And I know You give us grace

I look forward to that day, Yowah.



After reading several articles about the smudging controversy for the cancelled MCC event in Winnipeg, this prayer came out of my heart.

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