Saturday, November 22, 2014

"A Lost Child"

I saw a Native boy on a horse
My heart was suddenly cast down
Why, Edoda? I asked You
Why was my heart saddened?

You opened my heart's grief to me
And I understood:
Here was a boy who will grow up
Knowing his people and his culture

When I was his age I had no one
None of my people around me
No one to tell me of my heritage
No one to teach me their culture

I was mourning inside for years lost
When I only had a distant rumor
I reached out, but no one was there
I was lost on my own

A longing had stirred in my heart
A desire to know my people
I put on whatever I could find
I sewed my own little regalia

But I knew nothing, it seemed
I had only the dry pages of books
And the movies of the masses
Distant history and days long gone

Still I loved being in autumn leaves
The smell of the earth
The scent of the berries
Which I crushed to stain my cloth

Still I loved to smell the leather
When no one was looking
I loved the taste of the suede
When no one was looking

I asked You to take my grief
I thanked You for awakening me now
I knew You are the Restorer
I trusted the perfectness of Your timing

You showed me that You were there
You were the one stirring me
You were the one drawing my heart
To my people I didn't yet know

You were the one who inspired me
To make that little necklace I wore
And though I grew shy when asked
It never left its place in my heart

Here I am today, awoken and aware
I know who my people are
I will reconnect with my tribe
My children will know their heritage

Wado, Unetlanvhi!
Wado, Tsisa!
Wado, Yowah!
Wado, Nugvwiyusv!

I will give You thanks all of my days
I will praise Your name among my people
I will praise Your name among the nations
I will say You are the healer of all tribes

You are the finder of lost children



A word to those who do not yet know their tribe:

I understand! I know the ache.
I know the longing.
I know the feeling of reaching out
and it seems like no one is there.

I know Creator is leading you.
I know it is Him who has awoken
your desire inside of you.
I know it is Him who will satisfy you.

And I know in His perfect timing,
He will reunite you with your people.


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