Saturday, October 18, 2014

"The Eighth Fire"

Indigenous blood
runs through my veins:

I am a descendant of those
who walked the land long ago
The spirit of my ancestors
lives and breathes in me

My people are those whose
steps cover the earth
who walked in a sacred way
giving thanks to the Creator

The stories they told
came from the mountains
the rivers and the valleys
the forests and the deserts

Their days are etched in my blood
Their hopes are deep in my heart
Their longings are passed down to me
And their prayers surround me

I am part of a generation
they looked forward to
a witness to times of restoration
they prophesied would come

I will see the healing of my people
I will see the fulfillment of their hope
I will see the restoration of what was lost
I will see the fruit of their prayers

Peace, my ancestors
I have heard the call of the Spirit
I have answered His call
I have accepted His invitation

Your prayers have been answered
Your hopes were not in vain
Your suffering will not be fruitless
Your prophecies will be fulfilled

A day is coming
when the creation will resound
when your sons and daughters
will lift up their voices

A day is coming
when the peoples shall be reconciled
when the peace of the Redeemer
will recreate all things new

We will see that Day together
You and me, my ancestors
My relations, we will sing together
And we will be one family

All things shall be healed
All wounds shall be bound up
All tears shall be wiped away
And all shall be in harmony.