Friday, October 24, 2014

Hungry To Be Taught

I'd love to learn more of the Cherokee culture and language, but of course being on the other side of the world has made me embrace patience on much of that! But a month ago I realized that I could at least learn how to read and write Cherokee. So in spare moments between work, I wrote down and began ingesting the Cherokee syllabary. I practiced it the same way that I learned the Japanese syllabary—by writing it as many times as needed until I could write it from memory—and succeeded in being able to do that after a week or two.

At first I wrote it out in a notebook, but then failed to cart it around with me and began writing on napkins or scraps of paper (as I often do, and apparently this is incurable). After I had succeded in learning the syllabary, I found I had these extra scraps and receipts with the Cherokee syllabary on them, and wondered if I could use them for art? I've made a lot of 'Jackson-Pollack-like' picture backgrounds on top of notes I wasn't going to keep, so I started doing "receipt art" with these, too, and currently have about three pictures done on top of the Cherokee syllabary.

When I shared this picture with some friends, I didn't have any deep story or meaning for the picture at the time. But as I explained why I had made pictures on top of Cherokee letters, the Spirit showing me something...

The picture shows a Cherokee man calling out "teach me!" to Creator, to the Spirit. It seemed a basic and beautiful thing, until I started writing about how I'm hungering to know my people and their ways. Suddenly Creator reversed the picture back onto me—the Cherokee man is me! I've been asking Him to "teach me" the things and ways of my people, and though now all I have is the writing, I am learning it and more is coming. And now He lets me know that my cry to Him, my desire to know my people, is a beautiful thing to Him!


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