Sunday, September 21, 2014

Seventh Generation

After I shared the picture of my son and I standing in front of a Cherokee display at the NMAI (in the last post), a Cherokee sister commented to me:
"To the seventh generation, we have a responsibility as Cherokee people. Awesome that you are including your son on the journey!"
Awhile ago I watched a video of Richard Twiss talking about the seven-generation continuum— that you are affected by what happened three generations back, and what you do affects three generations forward.

I had heard elsewhere about teaching your children and living in such a way as to benefit your children and their children's children to the seventh generation, similar to what the Cherokee sister said to me.

I thought it all was wisdom when I first heard of it, but after the Cherokee sister commented, I looked at my family tree again and suddenly realized that my Cherokee ancestor moved west and apparently separated from the people exactly seven generations ago— I am his seventh generation!

Wow. I wasn't exactly what to do with that knowledge, but it moved me and still does. I can't describe how that makes me feel. It's very humbling...

I prayed last night about this. In my spirit I hear the Spirit speaking:
My ancestors prayed for me. They prayed after the separation with my ancestor for reunion between his family and the people. They prayed for him and still remembered him and his family. They prayed for the seventh generation. They prayed for me.

Creator has answered their prayers by awakening me! He has put their desire in me for reunion. My journey to reconnect with my heritage and my people is an answer to prayers made seven generations ago.
I asked Uncle Warren Petoskey (Odawa/Lakota) to share about the seven generations, because I love to hear his understanding:
"To answer your question with what I understand: the coming of the strangers was prophesied long before they arrived on our shores. It was said that when the seventh generation came to life they would light the eighth fire. The eighth fire is the calling of all nations together under one name, for one purpose acting in unity under the direction of the Creator. You are already doing some of this work and look how many people from different backgrounds and races have already come together. My sons are the seventh generation too. I have long been interested in being involved in helping light this fire."

It's a wonderful but strange feeling to have been spoken of in advance, to have been prophesied about... it's not the first time, but things like this never cease to make my world "take a turn for the surreal" (to steal a quote from "Saving Private Ryan").

I know whatever He wants to do with me, my children, other friends and families in our generations, I know He will bring it about in His perfect time. I know He will bring healing to many people, even across Turtle Island.


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